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Dental Purchasing Group (DPG) is a member-driven dental group purchasing organization based in Lancaster, Massachusetts. Serving both independent and group practices, we're proud to offer clients more than 19 years of relevant experience in this industry, as well as in pharmacy. Work with our team to discover new ways to save on essential products and services as you focus on what matters most - your patients.

Building lasting relationships with clients is one of our first priorities. We understand the concerns your practice faces when it comes to covering everyday costs - that's why we offer new members special deals on their first 30 days with us. The first 30 days are free, without any obligations or contracts. It's easy to learn whether you'll benefit from our cost savings programs - simply reach out to our team to sign up.

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As our team travels and meets with dental practices throughout the surrounding communities, we consistently hear the same refrain. Reduced reimbursement rates, varied fee schedules, and increased overhead are squeezing already-thin operating margins. Many practice owners are left with declining revenue and limited solutions. Where will you turn when your practice begins to struggle to cover everyday costs?

Unlike many buying groups, Dental Purchasing Group provides independent and group practices the ability to leverage economies of scale without having to meet predetermined volume requirements. Our clients appreciate this purchasing power, as well as the sheer variety they enjoy when working with our hand-selected vendors. Browse our cost savings programs today to learn which is right for you.

When you become our client, you'll enjoy access to one of the most diverse vendor portfolios in the United States, all dental-specific. We've chosen each of our partners for their commitments to quality in both their products and services. Explore cost savings programs designed to help your practice build profitability by reducing costs and improving your overall revenue.

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Founded in 2013, our organization is one of the largest dental-specific group purchasing organizations in the U.S. for independent and group practices. We have members in more than 40 states across the country, with a wide range of vendors within the network, dedicated to supporting your practice, delivering a unique opportunity to save money on the supplies and services you purchase for your practice every day.

DPG members save on everything from Clinical supplies, Equipment, Labs, Implants, Office supplies, Credit card processing fees, Handpeice Repair, Websites, Marketing, Precious Metal Refining and much more!

Join our growing group as we continue to add vendors that provide additional value to our members.

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