My Mentor Once Said…

As a member of DPG you have access to many valuable resources. I would like to share a short story with you, titled “My Mentor Once Said…”.

As a “young buck” just graduating college, I was eager and excited to launch my career, conquer the world and yes of course, make some money to start paying back those college loans. The first company I worked for provided me with valuable work and life lessons. Over the next sixteen years I performed and participated in countless Leadership and Coaching workshops. Although the skills and work/life lessons have been invaluable, I seem to remember a few defining moments that resonate today.

While attending one of our annual conferences, there was a senior executive, Scott, who had taken me under his wing early in my career and was a key note speaker. He was asked to speak about his personal road to success. To this day, I consider him a valuable resource and mentor, one that I can rely on to pick up the phone and help guide me through a challenging business decision. Usually he just asks me a few questions, makes me think and I miraculously come up with the “Ah Ha” moment that he was purposefully drawing out of me. Anyway, during his engaging question and answer forum, a simple question made a lasting impression on me; “Scott, when you look back on the success of your career, what would be the one most valuable piece of advice that you could share with us today?” My Mentor Scott Once Said… “Read, read, read… read a business article every day”.

Following his advice, I read many business articles, publications and now “blogs” on a daily basis. One particular author of a blog that I have been following over the past two years is Dr. Mayer Levitt, owner and president of Jodena Consulting, a well known Dental specific consulting firm. I had the pleasure of re-connecting with him at the Yankee Dental Congress 2016. DPG had the distinct honor of being a topic for Dr. Levitt’s most recent blog post, titled “Why Isn’t Everything This Easy.” Everyone should follow his blogs, I am sure you will be pleased with his bi-weekly blog posts and will find them to be valuable and a free resource for your practice. Just click the orange icon that says “get my blogs” – follow the directions and you will be all set.

As My Mentor Once Said… “Read, read read… read a business article every day.”