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Our Story...

Private practice is encountering transformational changes across the industry, some of which are obvious and transparent while others are hidden and secretive, we call it the “underground” society. With the insurgence of Private Equity money, reduced Insurance fee schedules, overwhelming student debt, inefficiencies, lack of convenience in hours of operation, we are witnessing a seismic shift in the rapid consolidation of private dental practice. Forward-thinking entrepreneurs with savvy business wherewithal have found great success in combining multiple practices under one roof, creating high rates of return on investment.


We believe there are a few key components missing in the equation - People, Process and Profit. Think about some of the most successful companies that exist today, Amazon, Disney, Starbucks… etc. etc. Have they created systems, processes, and efficiencies that can be replicated, tweaked, replicated and tweaked again? The answer is yes... Have these same companies identified that their #1 asset in the organization are the people that come to work every day? The answer is yes… Have they identified that customers have a “choice” about where they spend their money or who they do business with, creating an unwavering focus on the “customer experience”? You know the answer…

With that said, 4 like-minded individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit, that Lead successful private businesses today, from a variety of backgrounds, set out to create a model that allowed for private practice owners to maintain control and ownership, while benefiting from a similar type of business support that we see in large DSO’s.

Two Dentist’s, a CPA and a Pharmacy guy!

Seth Josephs  978-609-4281  Vertical Dental Care, LLC